Tree Removal

Contra Costa Tree Service, your full-service tree care specialists can remove unhealthy or unwanted trees. Our trained staff can recommend the best options for tree removal. Contra Costa Tree Service can remove trees of any height and size, safely and with minimum inconvenience.

We will remove all debris from the site and leave it clean and safe. Our number one goal is safety and we will recommend which trees should be removed to prevent short or long-term danger or harm.

Contra Costa Tree Service also offers: Tree Stump Removal and Root Grinding.

Our staff of experts can make necessary recommendation for tree replacements and give you options for the best tree varieties that would suit the area and location on your property.

We can install any size tree and select only from the best-grown trees in the Bay Area. Contra Costa Tree Service offers tree staking and guying to help secure your trees, encourage them to grow straight, and prevent them from falling.

Contact us. We will provide a proposal recommending the necessary removals and also be glad to assist you with any permits that may be needed.