Seasonal Preperation


With Northern California's rainy winters, residential as well as commercial properties take great benefit in being prepaired for the high wind of the rainy winter months and the subsequent dry, fire prone long summer days. Northern California's winter rainy season is notorious for cold rain and high winds. Large trees which are prone to falling put you and your property at great risk. In some situations, trees have caused many utilities and cable lines to fall. That added to the cost of repair and loss of vital services, including the danger of trying to remove branches or trees near downed active electrical power lines.

Precautionary steps should be taken to minimize or eliminate damages caused by seasonal weather.

The process of trimming includes cutting out the dead, diseased, and damaged wood, and removing water sprouts. These sprouts usually grow from previous pruning, where the branch rubs against other branches or prevents sunlight from reaching that section and should be cut away. Also included in removal, is any coconuts, fruits, and any fallen debris which can cause damage during winter storm wind force. The debris or branches should be hauled away as soon as possible.