Contra Costa Tree Service


Contra Costa Tree Service can assist in designing a program for tree / garden management to both enhance and protect your home and commercial property.

We offer tree management services in these areas:

- Removal of unwanted trees
- Stump and root grinding and removal
- Tree shaping and canopy reduction
- Tree preparation prior to rainy season
- 24 hour-a-day emergency tree services

Our root pruning and barrier installations protect walls, driveways, and footpaths from damage. Services also include removal, tree shaping, and view-enhancement work. Design and implementation of tree management programs use mulch, compost, and/or wood chips.

If property needs general maintenance such as tree/shrub trimming, tree removal or stump grinding, we'll consult with you and provide a detailed quote free of charge.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote, call us at: 510.669.9925




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